Michel wrote:


Andreas is very professional, friendly and committed agent. He did a wonderful job helping us buy the house we loved. He did a lot of hand holding because we were nervous about buying a house during the pandemic in 2020.


Andreas understands what a client is looking for. He lined up multiple showings in one day of places we really liked, because he was able to understand what we were looking for. After looking at 4 houses we knew we were ready to call a place a home.


He also helped us when we put the offer and finalized the sale. He explained the process well, answered every call, text and email. He was very patient. He even managed to bargain the price down and save us $15k when everyone else was paying premiums that summer.


I can only recommend Andreas! He is going to do everything he can to help you buy the house you love. He is your trusted advocate. He really cares!

Timothy wrote:


Andreas cares! That separates him from many realtors we worked with before. You are not just getting professional advice, you are getting a friend. We worked with Andreas on both the sale of our condo and a purchase of our new house in Arlington, VA. On the sale of our condo, we had a very tight time schedule, and had multiple offers. At the same time, we were not present in Washington, and could not communicate with interested parties. But we knew we could 100% rely on Andreas' assistance. He communicated with the buyers, he personally went multiple times to our condo, he kept in touch with us on a daily basis - all in all, dealing with these real estate issues so unfamiliar to us, we never felt in the dark. Andreas handled communications with all the parties from our initial conversations to the actual signing of the sale. He is a great agent, and a wonderful person. You will work with a top real estate professional and will gain a friend for life. Can't recommend him enough!

Yoori wrote:


Andreas has made property ownership and real estate investment so easy for us! Managing our property, Andreas has been extremely thoughtful and thorough so that we never have to worry about anything while living overseas. We feel very lucky to have found such a trustworthy person in real estate and look forward to working with him in the future too.

Robert wrote:


Andreas did an exceptional job as our property manager and later realtor selling our home. We were extremely happy with Andreas’ work both managing our property and later selling it. As a property manager, he accomplished what few property managers are able to do--he consistently met both the tenants’ needs and the owners. Always attentive to detail and very responsive, Andreas did an excellent job communicating with us in a timely manner, and helping us both take care of our home as well as the tenants. We came to rely fully on judgment about the urgency of repairs as well as their cost, and what the most cost-effective way was to meet the tenants’ needs and protect our investment. As a result, we were kept apprised at all times of the condition of the home, made necessary improvements and repairs, addressed the needs of the tenants, and never felt we were spending our own personal time when it was not necessary.


Andreas displayed the same keen attention to detail and customer service when we decided to sell our home. Combining his expertise as a property manager and realtor, he teamed with another excellent realtor from Globe Trotter Properties to helped us make the transition smoothly from renting to selling. They recommended sensible improvements to the home that would make it more marketable, managed the implementation of those improvements, and did an excellent job marketing our house. Andreas’ skills, abilities and patience allowed a seamless transition from renting to selling, not to mention a significant savings in time and effort, all of which resulted in a more efficient and profitable sale of our home. It was in no small part due to Andreas’ efforts that we received an offer on our home less than a week after the listing in went live, and sold it at a price we were happy with.


We were extremely appreciative of Andreas' professionalism, responsiveness, and effectiveness both as a property manager and realtor, and we are happy to recommend him to anyone considering renting or selling their home.

Alisse wrote:


We unexpectedly had a tenant move out in the middle of Fall/after the school year began due to unforeseen circumstances, and we were unable to travel due to the current global pandemic to help prep/find a new tenant. Andreas immediately started prompt and helpful service, offered incredibly knowledgeable insight and suggestions, and found us many great options for the perfect fit for both us and those looking for a home. He is prompt, passionate, and well prepared, and we have been very fortunate to work with him!

Nina wrote:


Professional / Prompt / Polite /Pleasing... I could go on, these are the words I would use if I were asked to describe Andreas Leindecker. I am in India currently and had to find a tenant for my Condo in Reston.I had the good fortune of being referred to him by a friend at a time when I had lost all hope of finding a tenant. He immediately grasped what I was looking for and showcased my apartment in a well crafted video and before I knew it I landed a very nice tenant. Even though I was overseas all interaction and the final decisions were made seamlessly over email and phone calls. He also helped fix small stuff that needed handling in my condo to make the tenant more comfortable.

I would recommend Andreas to anyone looking for help with their real estate needs, you will getting the BEST !!!!

Shawn and Laurie wrote:


After three less than positive experiences with other companies, we finally found "the one"! Andreas has always gone above and beyond when managing our townhouse in Northern Virginia. He is thorough, communicative, and always thoughtful and responsive to not only the tenants but also to our inquiries and preferences. He brings ideas and solutions every time anything comes up. We feel absolutely comfortable leaving our home in his capable hands. We would recommend him to anyone and everyone that we know.

Jason and Cathryn wrote:


Moving a family back to the U.S. from overseas during a Global Pandemic was extremely stressful but working with Andreas made the process much less painful, and even enjoyable. We found Andreas' expertise, customer service, and attention to detail to be invaluable in helping us find a home, so much so, that we are now in talks to hire Andreas to manage our other properties in the DC area. We offer our observations/experiences below:


1. Expertise in the Real Estate Market. After our move was delayed TWICE, a colleague referred Andreas to help us since we were still overseas. We had very specific requirements (schools, proximity to relatives, property size, etc.) and Andreas was able to provide on the first meeting locations and properties of interest for our consideration. Andreas helped us find our home within a week, we had signed a lease within 24 hours of finding the exact place (over a weekend!)


2. Customer Service / Advocate. Andreas' focus on customer service was something we have not experienced often. Andreas was extremely responsive via email and phone, even with our time differences. For every property, he took the time to video-chat us during the walk through, provided invaluable observations and advice, and even let us ask him stupid questions like "how did that room smell?" I recall at one point, the stress of the move brought my wife to tears and Andreas assured her to just worry about our packing because he will take care of the house in the U.S. - and he DID (see next point).


3. Attention to Detail. Technically our contract with Andreas ended with us signing a lease BUT since we were overseas and couldn't inspect the property personally, Andreas went above and beyond to conduct a thorough inspection of entire property on our behalf. He produced a 20+ page inspection report with written and photo documentation of everything in the property prior to our move-in to ensure we are not charged for any of the existing damage when we move out.


We couldn't be happier with Andreas and look forward to working with him more in the future.