how much does it cost?


Traditionally, there are no realtor fees associated with purchasing a home. The seller pays all of the costs to the realtors of both the seller and the buyer. The costs you will incur relate to closing costs, taxes, and any tests or inspections you would like done. Here is a list of traditional costs buyers pay. The costs usually amount between 2-4% of the sales price depending on when and where you buy a home. 

  • Home inspection (strongly recommended but optional) 
  • Termite inspection (strongly recommended) 
  • Any other inspections such as radon, well water, etc (usually optional) 
  • Appraisal (usually required) 
  • Title insurance (usually required) 
  • Settlement fees (required) 
  • Fees to secure your loan (required) 
  • Pro-rated condo or HOA fees (if any) 
  • Pro-rated property taxes (required) 
  • County and state sales tax and transfer fee (required)